Marisa Rueda lives and works in London. She has an active professional life as a mixed media and installation artist. For many years Marisa's work has reflected the often volatile political situation in her native Argentina, in particular during the time of the dictatorships. During the 80's in England she was involved in the women’s movement, exhibiting in "Women's Images of Men". In 2010 Marisa worked in India in collaboration with Cristina Chaplin-Rueda, organising “Our Project”, a creative group work comprising sculptures, photographs and site installations, whilst travelling with Art Karavan.

Marisa's latest exhibitions have taken place in Buenos Aires: “Textural Narratives” was a series of sculptures and photos inspired by the dresses her mother made for her. This was followed by “Liquid City I”, an installation, and “Existence”, a video installation using the participation of the viewing public. All three were shown in the Fundación Arte x Arte. In 2013 Marisa was part of a group exhibition entitled “Arrugas” Wrinkles at the "Museo de la Mujer" (Women's Museum).

Marisa Rueda vive y trabaja en Londres. Ella tiene una vida profesional activa como artista en arte de medios mixtos y de instalaciones. Marisa durante años ha estado hablando en su trabajo sobre la situación política en su país de origen, Argentina, especialmente durante el tiempo de los dictadores. Ella ha sido parte del movimiento de mujeres en el arte en Inglaterra durante los 80, exhibiendo en Women's Images of Men. En el 2010 Marisa trabaja en India con Cristina Chaplin-Rueda en "Nuestro proyecto" escultura / instalación / fotos mientras viajan con Art Karavan.* "Texturas Narradas" son una serie de esculturas y obras fotográficas inspiradas en la obra en vestido de su madre.

Las últimas exhibiciones de Marisa han sido en Buenos Aires, "Texturas Narradas", la instalación " Ciudades Liquidas I" y la video instalación "Existencia" con participación del público. Los tres han sido mostradas en la Fundación Arte x Arte. En el 2013 Marisa formó parte de una exposición colectiva llamada "Arrugas" Wrinkles en Buenos Aires en el Museo de la Mujer.


  • 2016 Existence. Argentinian Residency, London
  • 2012 Existence. Arte xArte Gallery. Buenos Aires
  • 2010 Our Project. Working in India with Cristina Chaplin-Rueda
  • 2009 “Liquid Cities I” Arte x Arte Gallery. Buenos Aires
  • 2006 “Despedida/Farewell’, Ceremony, installation “ Budha Enlightenment”, India
  • 2006 “Ad-dress” performance at Royal School Gallery, Hornsey London Biennale
  • 2003 “Indentities Desappear” Proposition for an installation, ACAVA Open Studios
  • 2002 “Horizontes Lejanos: La Pampas”, Museo Municipal, Ourense, Spain
  • 1999 “Paisaje” and “Nueva” at her own studio
  • 1996 "Labour, Laburo, Lavoro, Travail, Trabajo", Riverside Studios Gallery, London.
  • 1996 “Ports of Calling, Inner and outer spaces”. Sculpture Symposium, Aukland, New Zealand.
  • 1991 "Passion and the Bureaucrat”. Portobello Festival, London
  • 1990 “The Jump”. Educational performance, shown at Interchange at Mossale, Italy, June.
  • 1987 “The people's Lunch”. Installation and performance in collaboration with theatre director Georgina Lock. October.
  • 1986 “Power of Sound and Sound of Power”. Life sculpture done in collaboration with sculptress Krijnie Beyen. Basketball pitch at The Last Chance Centre. London.


  • 2008 “Textural Narratives”, Arte x Arte gallery. Buenos Aires.
  • 2000-02 Latest works at Blechynden Street Studios.
  • 1997 Works on Paper. Drill Hall. London
  • 1988 “Tropical Forests for Sale”. Art Space Gallery, London
  • 1987 “The People's Lunch”. 181 Gallery, London. Curated by Bryan Biggs for the Blue Coat Gallery, Liverpool
  • 1991 “Beyond Reason”, Battersea Arts Centre, London
  • 1986 Launch of London Borough of H. & F. Residency. Central Space, London
  • 1983-85 “Power Plays”. Work about and related to power done by three women. Curated by Bryan Biggs for the Blue Coat Gallery, Liverpool. Travelled to: Pentonville Gallery, London. Hull Museum. Washington. Playhouse and Harlow.
  • 1983 Gallerie Amazone. Amsterdam. Holland; Gallerie Polit Art. Nijmegen. Holland.
  • 1978 Realism to the Rescue?. Batttersea Arts Centre, London, February. The Blue Coat Gallery, Liverpool.
  • 1972 Galeria Perla Marino. Buenos Aires
  • 1968 Ceramics. Galleria Lirolay. Buenos Aires.


  • 2007 Flags en Usuhaia. Installation. Aavra
  • 2006 1st of May. Flags at Women Bridge,Buenos Aires, organisation Adam Nankervis
  • 2006 Design of flag. Puente de las Mujeres, Buenos Aires 2006
  • 1994 “Signification”, Design of a flag for Visionfest. Liverpool, October
  • 1991 “Sleep of Reason”. Temporary sculpture at Macbeth House, London.
  • 1989 “The man who blows the clouds”. Sculpture at Shepherd's Bush Green London.Commissioned by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.


  • 1992 "Feminism for Beginners”. Published by Ikon Books.


  • 1975 Gold Medal, Biennal de Vallauris-Francia
  • 1974 Group prize at Vallauris for the Argentinian Group
  • 1973 Mention of Cerámica. Salón de La Plata
  • 1972 First prize. Salón Nacional de Cerámica. Buenos Aires


    Selección últimos años

  • 2017 Public View, One Hundred years at the Bluecoat gallery. Liverpool
  • 2014 “Arrugas” 12 women exhibiting at the Museo de la Mujer. Buenos Aires
  • 2006 Several exhibitions as part of the London Biennale 2006
  • 2005 Invited by Mai Ghoussob. Museum of Man, Liverpool
  • 2005 “Anywhere in the World” Invited by David Medalla as part of the London Biennale Group to exhibit in his show ICA London.
  • 2004 “Callejera-Retratos” invited by Pelusa Borthwick, Buenos Aires


  • 2014 “Arrugas” 12 women exhibition, Buenos Aires. Museo de la Mujer
  • 2003 UECLA University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art, The Minories, Colchester
  • 2003 “Piano Kunsr werken” Huis Als Museum, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
  • 2002 “Affordable Art”. Arts Projects at Vera Martinez’s Gallery, London
  • 2002 “Diary 2000” Huis Als Museum, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
  • 2000 Interchange with Los Angeles artists. Exhibitions in England and in the EEUU
  • 1980 Women's Images of Men. De Mujeres Imágenes de Hombres. ICA.London, Bristol y Liverpool
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